Incrediberries ® Fruity Tooty celebrates summer with a very succulent arrangement of confections, fresh fruit and a variety of teas.  Start with a Davidson Organic Meyer lemon or almond tea with honey sticks  or the sweet and crunchy raspberry drizzled caramel corn.  Start with Davidson's Organic Meyer Lemon Tea with almond tea cookies and honey sticks. Later in the day, pick on the crunchy raspberry drizzed caramel corn, Orchard mix petite fruit candies and Spring Jordan almonds. Also included are two ripe Green D'Anjou pears, a Crimson red pear, a classic navel orange, and all time favorite a Granny Smith apple. Your Giftees ® will be dazzled with the four keepsake pink and brown boxes and bright bow.
Gift Size:  8" x 14" x 11"

Fruity Tooty ™Gift Basket from Baskettes

  • The Fruity Tooty ™ gift basket contains:

    • 2 D'Anjou Pears
    • 1 Granny Smith Apple
    • 1 Red Pear
    • 1 Navel Orange
    • Davidson Organic Meyer Lemon Tea (8bags)
    • Almond Tea Cookies (4oz)
    • Honey Sticks (8pc)
    • Raspberry Caramel Corn (3oz)
    • Spring Jordan Almonds (3oz)
    • Orchard Mix Petite Fruit (3oz)

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