Incrediberries ® brings to you Welcome Baby Gift Baskets from Baskettes ® for boy or girl. Somethings for baby and somethings for mom...both well deserving. A nice way to welcome a new little person into the world. And you will get double the thanks!  THIS GIFT BASKET CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED TO CANADA. See the USA Welcome Baby Basket in this category.

Welcome Baby Gift Basket USA

  • The Welcome Baby Gift Basket includes:

    • Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels (4pc)
    • Lille Chocolate Cookie Thins (3oz)
    • Lovely Candy Co. Raspberry Fudgees (1oz)
    • Mariani Fruit & Nut Medley (2oz)
    • Perugina Sorrento Fruit Hard Candies (5pc)
    • Tazo Organic Chai Tea (2bags)
    • Tazo Organic Darjeeling Tea (2bags)
    • Chalk (2)
    • Plush Stripe Rabbit 7"
    • Ceramic Piggy Bank