Updated 9-10-17

The products of the Company are largely perishable and therefore are not returnable. Company’s products cannot be resold.

If User believes that Company’s performance was not satisfactory or that the products were not satisfactory, User must immediately contact customer satisfaction by email at and no later than 24 hours after delivery or if not delivered timely, within 24 hours of the anticipated delivery.

User must take photos  immediately of all aspects of the product and attach them to the email sent within 24 hours. Further, the email must contain your account number, the User name address and phone and email and the recipient’s name address and email.

The customer satisfaction department will contact you and make resolve the issue with you within 10 days of your email notification. If User pursues a resolution by any other means prior to the 10 day expiration period, then the Customer Satisfaction department will cease their inquiry and will attempt to resolve the matter through the other channel User utilized. If the resolution of the alternate channel does not satisfactorily resolve User’s issue, Company will consider the matter resolved since User selected the unsuccessful alternate method of resolution.

Please be advised that Company is not responsible for incorrect addresses on User’s order and may be responsible for an additional delivery charge depending upon the time involved and the terms of the transport company.

Please be advised that Company is not responsible if the recipient is not at the location specified in the order. Please be advised that the transport company may not leave a package if the transport company deems in their sole discretion that the package may not actually be received if left. User may incur additional delivery expenses in such case depending upon the time involved and the terms of the transport company.

Please be advised that the condition of chocolate and flowers when shipped in excessively hot or excessively cold weather cannot be guaranteed.

Please be advised that messages are printed exactly as submitted. Company does not correct spelling errors, if in fact there is a spelling error.

Due to confidentiality and privacy issues, only the User must contact us if there is an issue and the User must contact us from the email associated with User’s account.

The Company is not responsible for delays due to the transport company.  Once Company has timely delivered User’s order to the transport company, Company no longer has any control over the shipment and delivery. Strikes, natural disasters, fires, inclement weather, road closures, etc can all cause a delay in shipment and delivery. User is advised to allow at least an extra day when ordering for special occasions.

Company generally, but is not obligated to,  includes at least one extra stem in flower arrangements and if able to fit additional food product to compensate for possible stem breakage, etc.

It is important that Recipient follow the Care Instructions or Product Instructions before determining that the product is not satisfactory. Blooms need to be hydrated for a least 4 hours before determining that they are not satisfactory.